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What is EPIC™ Daytime?

The EPIC™ Daytime Program is a brand new offering from PCG Education's University Instructors Team! Patterned after our successful EPIC™ programs, it is available for schools with students grades K-8, but it is solely for use during the school day or during intersession.

It's easy as 1, 2, 3...

Pick Your Theme & Length

Pick Your Theme & Length

Choose one base or specialty theme.

Choose the number of days or weeks.

Select Your Modules

Select Your Modules

Choose up to two modules for each week to compliment your student's experience.

Enhanced Services

Enhanced Services

Add any service such as food, field trips, parent nights, back to school supplies, transportation, special curriculums, guest speakers and more.

What We Do For You?

We handle all of the logistics from recruitment materials, online registration, curriculum, and experienced staff.

Epic Daytime Programs

There are two different packages of EPIC™ Daytime available and schools can choose the solution that suits their needs most.

Epic Basics

Provides your existing afterschool programs with Content, Manipulatives, and an EPIC Coordinator.

Epic Expanded

Provides everything you need in a complete, turn-key solution, Content, Manipulatives, Full Program Staff, EPIC Coordinator, and more!

Epic Daytime Themes

Our themes and modules are Common Core/SOL Correlated, and are designed to serve grades K-2, 3-5, & 6-8.


Captures the essence of critical thinking, engage in team building exercises, focus on taking responsibility, prioritize and manage their time, and lead by example.


Give your students the confidence to succeed as they enter one level from the last. From lockers to complicated schedules - this intercession significantly eases the transition.

Character Ed

Community, corporate & personal responsibility are essential to college and career readiness. EPIC Daytime promotes youth development & character building through interactive positive experiences.


Enrichment intercessions help students become more well-rounded by having the opportunity to delve into focused and stimulating enrichment experiences.

Intersession Modules

Choose up to two modules for each week of intersession, or extend modules into subsequent weeks to provide greater depth on the subject matter. Age/grade appropriate manipulatives and curriculum will be provided for each module.

Learn to design, to appreciate and to develop creative potential. This “hands-on-extravaganza” offers campers the time, arena and mediums to experience a variety of unique art projects.
Giving students the knowledge, skills and abilities to succeed beyond high school is vital. This module enables campers to hone in on the things that make them tick, discover what brings them fulfillment, and explore post-secondary options most suited to their unique selves.
Students build on their strengths, develop flexible thinking and persistence while participating in collaborative, STEM based problem solving challenges. Creativity and imagination abound in this exciting, thought provoking module.
This interactive module teaches campers how to fuel their bodies by making smart food choices, learn fun ways to exercise and expand a general knowledge of health and fitness; supporting the skills needed for healthy, active life long behaviors.
Ignite children’s interest in the past and make history come alive. Campers develop a deeper knowledge of our American heritage and the historical context of important people, places, and events.
This spin off of “Fun N’ Games” takes traditional board and interactive games to the next level. With a focus on math, reading, movement and “old-fashioned” games, this enriching option allows campers the opportunity to interact with each other in a fun and productive way.
7 Math
Rich experiences support students in gaining conceptual knowledge and confidence while improving automaticity of math facts. Games, literature, and hands-on practice of an active nature are integrated.
Capture the essential qualities of speaking in front of a group all in a fun and non-threatening environment. Campers will learn the art of personal and effective public speaking.
Learn to love reading as students participate in a results oriented module building on basic comprehension skills and strategies with an exposure to outstanding children’s literature and phonics. Physical movement is an important component of this module.
Students will imagine and dream of life as an astronaut with engaging practical science, technology, engineering, and mathematics content, helping to boost interest in STEM! Campers will be launched into learning with activities relevant to life and beyond.
This module is designed to provide hands-on and relevant learning experiences for students. It supports students’ understanding of both math and science content while utilizing simple materials and processes that promote critical thinking and problem solving.
Group dynamics, interpersonal skills, positive communication and lots of FUN are the focus of this module! Students have the opportunity to collaboratively solve problems and develop leadership skills.
Written communication is essential for student success in the 21st Century. This module provides focused opportunities for students to write in a variety of genres including poetry, how-to books, and imaginative pieces. Includes experiences with Narrative, informational and persuasive writing.

Specialty Themes

Space Camp

With SPACE Camp, students will imagine and dream of life as an astronaut with engaging practical science, technology, engineering, and mathematics content - helping to boost interest in STEM!

Destination Imagination themed summer camps encourage students to build on their strengths, develop flexible thinking and persistence while participating in collaborative, STEM based problem solving challenges.

Destination Imagination

Get on board with Destination Imagination® and let the creativity of your students soar. DI’s innovative STEM based activities incorporate fun, flexible thinking, taking risks, and teamwork.

This EPIC content is non-competitive and is derived from DI’s most engaging challenges. Students will advance 21st Century Learning Skills as they embark upon this exciting summer journey!