PCG Education's UI Team

University Instructors, Inc., a subsidiary of PCG, has more than 20 years of experience providing K-12 schools and districts with services designed to improve student performance and save administrators and teachers valuable time. Our proven record of success is in the areas of Daytime Interventions, Afterschool and Extended Day Programming, as well as Summer Learning Camps and Staffing Services complete with Professional Development and Payroll Capabilities.

Our Focus

Is to boost student engagement & achievement, increase school level instructional capacity, provide cost savings for districts with impactful daytime tutoring, afterschool programs, and summer camps, while helping solve the teacher shortage with innovative staffing and alternative licensure pathways.

With 20 years of educational experience our distinguished network of locally-based, highly motivated and caring educators and professionals are committed to providing schools with evidence-based, effective instructional programs as well as providing the resources necessary for staff development, intervention initiatives, program implementation, supplemental instruction, extended day and summer camp programs.

Meet Our Leadership Team


Jim Popp

For almost thirty years, Mr. Jim Popp has dedicated his career to helping K-12 students and school leadership “believe and achieve.” The proud Founder and President of UI, Inc., Mr. Popp is responsible for the business unit in its entirety. Since 1994, his vision includes helping boost student engagement and achievement, increasing school level instructional capacity, and providing cost savings for school districts with impactful daytime tutoring, afterschool programs, summer camps, and innovative teacher staffing. He has various experience working with state, district-wide and individual school programs throughout the United States. Mr. Popp earned a Bachelor of Science in Management and Marketing from the University of Richmond.


Tamu Thomas Walker

Mrs. Tamu Thomas Walker, Associate Manager for UI, Inc, brings over seventeen years of experience to the team, providing project and human capital management, oversight and training for school-based intervention programs, as well as out-of-school time programming. Mrs. Thomas Walker has knowledge of K-12 state standards-based instruction, curriculum development, staff development training, state educational issues, teaching methods, and varied student populations. She has also helped create and develop training materials that have served as foundational components of company operation. Her drive, dedication, and systematic approach to goal achievement has aided in marked student improvement for hundreds of schools. Tamu earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting/Law from Virginia Union University.


Thomas MacDonald

For more than twenty years, Mr. Thomas MacDonald has served in various educational capacities in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Mr. MacDonald earned a Masters in Educational Leadership from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Masters of Teaching from the University of Richmond. Prior to becoming the Director of Business Development for UI, Inc., Mr. MacDonald has been a jack of all trades in Virginia school systems, serving as central office administrator, school administrator, teacher, coach and coordinator. His skills involving teacher training, mentoring, coaching, and managing gifted programs has helped him become a key player on division leadership teams in the past and present.


Chad Gilbert

Director of Recruiting & Human Resources, Mr. Chad Gilbert, is a ten-year veteran in professional recruiting and onboarding. Mr. Gilbert received his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and an M.B.A. in Human Resources. He is well versed in various sourcing strategies, specifically focusing on the increased use of social media. Mr. Gilbert is extremely dedicated to employee engagement, especially as it relates to overall retention. Because of his efforts, clients have seen a marketed decreased in turn-over.


Gail Newlen

With over twenty-five years of experience in the accounting realm, Director of Accounting, Mrs. Gail Newlen, finds passion in making the numbers make sense. She has worked in Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll and General Ledger. Mrs. Newlen has been part of the UI, Inc. team for over fifteen years and manages all financial aspects of UI, including but not limited to monthly analysis of expenses, budgeting, financial statement preparation, gross profit analysis, and oversight of all supporting areas. She also handles the oversight of temporary staffing solutions within PCG. Mrs. Newlen earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from Bridgewater College.


Lisa Craig

Director of Marketing & Operations, Lisa Craig, has been an essential part of the UI, Inc. team for over eight years. She is responsible for the creation of structural components of summer camp and afterschool programs, including the development of student materials and incentives, attendance modules, and much more. She has also taken on the responsibilities of order fulfillment, ensuring client requests are properly received, processed and delivered. Lisa earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations from James Madison University in 1999. She has a plethora of experience in communication, marketing, community relations, customer service, and program development.


Susan Greene

As an educator for over thirty years, Mrs. Susan Greene has a passion for improving the learning experiences of every K-12 student and understands the value of creating high quality curriculum, designed to prepare all students for success at the next level. She has been a teacher, School-Based Administrator, Curriculum Specialist, and Educational Consultant prior to joining the UI, Inc. team as the Director of Curriculum & Instruction. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree in School Administration and Literacy, Mrs. Greene is a skilled communicator and a dynamic leader who brings a wealth of knowledge across many disciplines. Susan is committed to successfully preparing students academically and technically for the global 21st century


Lesley Rueb

With over twenty years of experience, Mrs. Lesley Rueb is the Director of Grants & Proposals for UI, Inc. Living in Canada much of her youth, Lesley earned her degrees in Behavioral Neuroscience from Dalhousie University and Cognitive Development from Laurentian University. Mrs. Rueb has extensive knowledge in federal funding regulations, compliance reporting, researching skills, fund development, and project evaluation proficiency. Above all, she enjoys using her skills to bring programs and projects to life in an effective manner.