Think outside the clock by re-engaging students
after the school bell rings.

What is EPIC Afterschool?

EPIC Afterschool programs are designed to be Educational, Purposeful, Innovative, and Creative. So you can can give your students high-quality, out-of-school opportunities to help them develop essential academic and social skills. With UI, your afterschool time can be EPIC!

It's easy as 1, 2, 3...

Pick Program & Length

Pick Program & Length

Choose a package, the number of days your program will run, and the number of students.

Select Your Elements

Select Your Elements

Compliment your program with up to two elements for every 20 days of programming.

Enhanced Services

Enhanced Services

Add any service parent nights, special curriculum, technology, guest speakers and more for any EPIC Amplified Afterschool program.

EPIC Afterschool Programs

EPIC afterschool programs are comprehensive and include all curriculum, supplies, and manipulatives. In addition, each program is fully customized to meet the needs of your staff and students.

EPIC Essentials

Provides your existing afterschool programs with Curriculum Manipulatives, Staff Training, and EPIC Coordinator.

EPIC Amplified

Provides everything you need to conduct an afterschool program. Curriculum, Manipulatives, EPIC Coordinator, Full Program Staff, Training, Snacks, and More!

EPIC Elements

Compliment your student’s experience with up to two elements for every 20 days of programming. Elements are delivered in up to 90 minute segments with age/grade appropriate manupulatives and curriculum for each element.


EPIC activities include direct instruction of important mathematical ideas and are geared toward helping students gain confidence and improve automaticity of math facts.


Students participate in activities designed for explicit phonics instruction & focus on the intentional thinking process of reading. Narrative, informational & persuasive writing is an integral component.


Students will engage in practical activities geared toward Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. A broad spectrum of physical and life sciences is covered.


Leadership, Team Building, and Character Education is integrated into core academic subjects with hands-on activities that promote critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration.

EPIC Challenges

Students are encouraged to be persistent and think flexibly in group, STEM based problem solving challenges. Activities are designed to develop 21st Century Learning & Innovation Skills.

Enhanced Services

These items can be added to any EPIC Amplified Afterschool program.

Parent Nights


Other Unique Requests

Special Curriculum

Guest Speakers/Outside Programs

So What Do You Have to Do?

It’s easy, just contact us or call us at call us at 888-826-1250, ext. 120. We'll send you an EPIC Afterschool package complete with information and samples.

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