EPIC™ programs take an active and engaging approach to student-centered learning, offering additional learning and exposure to Math, English language arts and STEM!

What is EPIC Afterschool?

EPIC afterschool programs are comprehensive and include all curriculum, supplies, and manipulatives. In addition, each program is fully customized to meet the needs of your staff and students.




EPIC Elements

Compliment the after school experience with engaging, hands-on activities that supplement school day learning. Each activity is approximately 60 minutes in length and includes directions, supplies, and materials for each student.


Provides emphasis on understanding and managing emotions, creating positive goals and supportive relationships, showing empathy, and responsible and caring decision making.


Gives priority to ELA, Math and STEM, while providing consistent, live feedback. Promotes engagement through active involvement and collaboration.


Content emphasizes the importance of effective effort, embracing challenges, persistence, and achievement.

EPIC™ programs are also designed to help prevent learning loss while students study from home. Providing face-to-face or synchronous remote support for ELA and/or Math, UI can bring the enrichment experience of EPIC™ Summer and Afterschool to a safe environment.

Each of our Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)-aligned STEM Bundles provide teachers with all the lessons, materials, and supplies needed for three complementing enriching activities. Targeted for the K-8 grade band, and including embedded social emotional learning, EPIC™ STEM Bundles support in-person classroom or virtual instruction.

Each EPIC Family Kit consists of K-8 grade band content, and is designed to accommodate an individual student with up to 10 hours of instructional materials. These home-based kits also include a family introductory letter, schedule of activities, activity instructions, manipulatives, and all materials required for implementation, customizable to specific need of district partners.