Face-to-Face or Synchronous Remote Half-day Camps

Available Summer '21 for grade bands K-2, 3-5, and 6-8!

Standard Camp Components


Provides emphasis on understanding and managing emotions, creating positive goals and supportive relationships, showing empathy, and responsible and caring decision making.


Gives priority to ELA, Math and STEM, while providing consistent, live feedback. Promotes engagement through active involvement and collaboration.


Content emphasizes the importance of effective effort, embracing challenges, persistence, and achievement.

Half-Day Schedule

Includes 3 hours of essential content, with individually packaged ELA, Math, and STEM activities for each student.

Pre-packaged Activities

All materials included for each activity, individually packaged for each student. Allows for teachers to focus on what they do best. Teach!

Upgrade to Amplified!

EPIC Amplified includes camp staff hiring and payroll, EPIC content training, and additional promotional materials including student T-shirts, backpacks, and digital registration materials.

Standards Aligned Content

Our standards aligned content provides approximately 15 activities per week of program from these content areas.

1 Arts
Learn to design, to appreciate, and to develop creative potential. Experience a variety of unique art projects embedded with ELA, Math, Science content.
Emphasis on verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Think critically, listen actively, and learn to work together collaboratively while fostering positive communication habits.
Utilizing critical, creative, and collaborative thinking opportunities, students develop flexible thinking and persistence while participating in problem-solving challenges. Creativity and imagination abound in this exciting, thought-provoking module.
Students will be actively engaged while developing foundational reading and writing skills. Focused grade-level instruction, speaking and listening, language activities, and writing are integral.
2 Math
Rich grade-level experiences with the Number System, Expressions & Equations, Number & Operations, Algebraic Thinking, Measurement & Data support students in gaining conceptual knowledge and confidence. Computational fluency is also a critical component to the hands-on, active nature of this module.
This module is designed to provide hands-on and relevant learning experiences for students while utilizing simple materials and processes to promote critical thinking and problem-solving. It supports students’ understanding of both math and science concepts. Activities are primarily focused on the following domains of science: Physical, Earth & Space, and Engineering Design.

Available Specialty Camps

Our specialty camps are provided with limited availability, contact us for more information on if we can provide them to your school or district.

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