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Pick Your Camp Length

Pick Your Camp Length

Choose the number of days or weeks.

Select Your Modules

Select Your Modules

Choose up to two modules for each week of camp to complement your students' experience.

Enhanced Services

Enhanced Services

Add any service such as food, field trips, parent nights, back to school supplies, transportation, special curriculums, guest speakers and more.

How We Help?

We handle all of the logistics from recruitment materials, online registration, curriculum, and experienced staff.

Base Theme Includes

College & Career

Help students know what post-secondary options might look like. Focus on understanding strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, as it relates to potential career paths.

Social & Emotional

Understanding and managing emotions, creating positive goals and relationships, showing empathy, responsible decision making and navigating social situations are considered defining characteristics.


Work collaboratively, communicate effectively and foster inquiry about topics of interest. Instructors will model questioning techniques and problem solving.

Employability &
Life Skills

Students will have opportunities to practice a variety of critical skills: leadership, problem solving, verbal and written communication, initiative, work ethic, creativity, enthusiasm, attitude, teamwork, and decision making.

Camp Modules

Choose up to two modules for each week of camp, or extend modules into subsequent weeks to provide greater depth on the subject matter. Age/grade appropriate manipulatives and curriculum will be provided for each module.

Students will be actively engaged while developing foundational reading and writing skills. Focused grade level instruction with literature, informational text, speaking and listening, language activities and writing are integral. Exposure to a variety of reading genres fills this comprehensive module.
This module is designed to provide hands-on and relevant learning experiences for students while utilizing simple materials and processes to promote critical thinking and problem solving. It supports students’ understanding of both math and science concepts. Activities are primarily focused on the following domains of science: Physical, Earth & Space, and Engineering Design.
Group dynamics, interpersonal skills, and enhanced communication complete with lots of FUN are the focus of this module! Students collaboratively solve problems, learn to connect with others and develop leadership skills while participating in many unique experiences.
Learn to design, to appreciate and to develop creative potential. This “hands-on-extravaganza” offers campers the time, arena and mediums to experience a variety of unique art projects.
1 Math
Rich grade level experiences with the Number System, Expressions & Equations, Number & Operations, Algebraic Thinking, Measurement & Data support students in gaining conceptual knowledge and confidence. Computational fluency is also a critical component to the hands-on, active nature of this module.
Utilizing critical, creative and collaborative thinking opportunities, students develop flexible thinking and persistence while participating in problem solving challenges. Creativity and imagination abound in this exciting, thought provoking module.
Emphasis on verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Think critically, listen actively and learn to work together collaboratively while fostering positive communication habits.
This interactive module teaches campers how to fuel their bodies by making smart food choices, learn fun ways to exercise and expand a general knowledge of health and fitness; supporting the skills needed for healthy, active life long behaviors.

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