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Do you know about the Virginia Early Intervention Reading Initiative (EIRI)?  The Virginia EIRI’s goal is to serve students in grades K-3 by helping reduce reading difficulties through early diagnosis and immediate intervention.  The initiative assists distri...

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NAA's Ten Tips to Become a STEM Superstar

In an article written by National AfterSchool Association, titled, "Ten Tips to Become a STEM Superstar," the author hits on aspects of STEM learning that PCG Education fully supports. Our favorites are Learn by Doing (#4) or Inspire Collaboration (#6), but the rest are just as applicable when discussing STEM learning.



1. STEM Topics are NOT Silos - Integrated approaches highlight connections to other knowledge

2. Make Activities Relatable and Tangible - Draw on students own experiences

3. Inspire Curiosity and Critical Thinking - Learn the art of asking open-ended questions to pique curiosity

4. Learn By Doing - Choose hands-on activities

5. Make Connections - Drawing on existing knowledge improves retention

6. Inspire Collaboration - Create an atmosphere of teamwork

7. Celebrate Failure - Failure is part of taking risks and true experimenting

8. Facilitate, Don't Dictate - It is no longer about teaching facts, but celebrating questioning and experimentation

9. Process the STEM Experience - Design activities that assess knowledge by applying it to scenarios

10. Be a Role Model - BE passionate about STEM!