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May Instructor Spotlight

Regina “Sunshine” Robinson, a PCG Education instructor, teaches 9th-12th grades at Mays High School, part of the Atlanta Public Schools System (APS) in Marietta, Georgia.  Regina started teaching for PCG Education in March, 2016, and for the past year or so has been a daytime tutor and summer camp instructor.

She started gaining interest in PCG Education when she learned of all the unique differences being a part-time instructor would entail compared to being a more traditional, full-time teacher. It is the perfect position for her because it gives her the opportunity to be in the education field and share her love of teaching math to children, but also gives her chances to pursue other passions.  She believes her students love being around her because of her big personality and her effort to show them they can be comfortable with her.  Regina “Sunshine” said she received her nickname from friends and loved ones because she is such a people person with a huge personality.  Her nickname even depicts how much she loves teaching children.  When individuals walk in her classroom, there is the feeling of sunshine, enthusiasm, and assurance. 

When asked, “What do you believe are the most important things students should learn in the classroom?” she responded with the word “confidence.”

“Above all, I want them to believe in themselves. I want them to believe that they can, and that they know they will continue to persevere and learn. I want them to see that, with my help, they can love math and their mindset can be changed about math if taught personal affirmation.”

Regina “Sunshine” says her favorite story as a PCG Education instructor sticks out in her mind very particularly. “Back in September, I started teaching a very, very shy student and he always remained to himself. I would ask him if he needed help and he would stare at his paper, saying ‘no.’  Shortly after winter break was over and the students came back to school in January, a miraculous thing happened. I was helping another student sitting near him, and, as usual, I asked him if he needed help. I was always hoping one day he would say yes, and this day he did just that. I was amazed when I did not help him with an entire problem, but with an entire worksheet. I was so happy because everyone knew that he never talked to anyone.  There was always ice between him and I, and his classmates, and it was finally broken. Our differing personalities and my persistence of always asking him if he needed help, I think, let him trust me and he finally let me in. And now he talks to other students and asks for help when he needs it.  My favorite part of being an instructor is being able to teach my love of math. I absolutely love helping people and being a PCG Education instructor gives me the chance to do so.  Moments like these just keep me going.  And, also, my PC (Program Coordinator) Melissa… well, I would work for her anywhere.”

Regina “Sunshine” Robinson and her connection with students displays everything we want a PCG Education instructor to be.  We are happy to have her as an instructor and we could not be more amazed with her accomplishments with students.

Article written by Summer Tarpley.