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Do you know about the Virginia Early Intervention Reading Initiative (EIRI)?  The Virginia EIRI’s goal is to serve students in grades K-3 by helping reduce reading difficulties through early diagnosis and immediate intervention.  The initiative assists distri...

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PCG Education at Destination Imagination's 2017 Global Finals

Around this time last month, Tamu Thomas Walker was heading out of Knoxville, TN, after experiencing three days of Destination Imagination’s 2017 Global Finals.  Mrs. Thomas Walker, Program Director of Field Operations for PCG Education, along with other PCG staff, ran a busy booth in the Innovation Expo that focused on activities demanding the same skills showcased in the competition. This was not the first Global Finals she had experienced.  She is very familiar with Destination Imagination and its endless list of opportunities for students.


(Tamu Thomas Walker, center, standing with Jim Popp, Manager, to the right of her)

Destination Imagination is a nonprofit that fosters creativity and innovation in more than 150,000 students worldwide through project-based learning. PCG Education has a very exclusive and special partnership with Destination Imagination, as we are able to use their creative content in our daytime tutoring, afterschool programs and summer camps.

After 150,000 participants prepared and competed at state and regional levels throughout the year, less than 9,000 people on 1,400 teams qualified for the three-day global tournament. Team challenges required innovation and creativity in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) challenges.  This year's Global Finals broke records.  People from 15+ countries participated, adding up to 8,000+ students, 500+ volunteers, 17,000+ attendees and 1,400+ teams.   Although PCG Education is not competition based, the company always fully supports the opportunities Global Finals brings to students as they participate against others from all over the world in "the world's largest celebration of creativity." Learn about the winners of Destination Imagination's 2017 Global Finals here

“The event is always an awesome experience," says Mrs. Thomas Walker.  "It is wonderful to see scholars from all around the world come together to share their love for teamwork through Destination Imagination.  It’s always a pleasure to be among this group.”


(Picture sent to us from Tamu Thomas Walker of D.I. Global Finals closing ceremonies)

Article written by Summer Tarpley.