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Do you know about the Virginia Early Intervention Reading Initiative (EIRI)?  The Virginia EIRI’s goal is to serve students in grades K-3 by helping reduce reading difficulties through early diagnosis and immediate intervention.  The initiative assists distri...

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October Instructor Spotlight

“The most important things students should learn from the classroom is that they are in a safe learning environment, they are accepted regardless of their social and/or academic differences, they have the support and resources needed to be successful, and that the goal is to become the best version of themselves,” stated Tabitha Jones, second year PCG Education instructor.

Part of Atlanta Public Schools, Tabitha teaches grades 6-10 at Brown Middle School, Carver High School, and Carver Early College, all located in Atlanta, GA. She attended Columbus State University in Columbus, GA and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. It was soon after graduation that she discovered PCG Education and the opportunity to partake in the daytime intervention and afterschool programs.

“I am an extremely flexible teacher. I meet students where they are, and regardless of what a day may bring, I am able to readjust and remain focused on the goal. I strategically select activities that students find engaging and differentiate my teaching by using activities that accommodate a variety of learning styles.”

Tabitha also says she loves teaching children and interacting with her students. She can frequently be found laughing with her students and takes pride in the way they openly share their thoughts and ideas with her. She says she enjoys hearing the student’s ideas and supporting them towards reaching and exceeding their academic goals. Tabitha also appreciates the opportunity PCG Education gives her to work one on one with students. She has been able to learn more about the student’s individual needs and then, in turn, can identify strategies to help each student excel academically.

Although challenging, Tabitha’s students make teaching all worthwhile. “Last year, my afterschool math student truly inspired me. She began the school year with a passionate dislike for math. Her attitude was completely negative even to the point of tears when she was required to work on her math assignments. As the year progressed, I discovered that she had a love for singing. One of the most inspiring experiences was hearing her excitement after being selected to participate in the school talent show. I was truly impressed by the amount of effort she put into practicing and preparing for her performance. I shared with her that math is similar to singing. As you continue to practice, and work to develop your math skills, you will see that your skills will begin to blossom just as your vocal skills. Since that conversation, her attitude towards math has improved and day by day she is becoming a stronger math student.”

Recently, our Director of Field Operations received a letter from Letitia, the mother of a 9th grade student attending Carver Early College. We were not surprised when we read nothing but compliments for Tabitha.

“On Wednesdays and Thursdays, my daughter goes to tutorials after school for math.  The school year is not complete, but I HAD to commend her for the work she has done with her.  Ms. Jones is an absolute WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL tutor!! She is consistent and extremely caring. My daughter has some longstanding challenges in math, but Ms. Jones is faithfully right there providing tutorial assistance with concern. Her grasp on the content is solid and she definitely knows what she is doing. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Ms Jones. People are quick to let supervisors know when they are not pleased, but not enough people share when they are. So, I wanted to "put on paper" my extreme satisfaction with our tutoring situation. She is a blessing to us. Thank you for sending her to Carver Early College.”

We would like to thank Ms. Tabitha Jones for her commitment to her students and her efforts to educate youth in Atlanta Public Schools.

Article written by Summer Tarpley.