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Do you know about the Virginia Early Intervention Reading Initiative (EIRI)?  The Virginia EIRI’s goal is to serve students in grades K-3 by helping reduce reading difficulties through early diagnosis and immediate intervention.  The initiative assists distri...

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PCG Presents New Staffing Solution at AASPA Conference

Last month, two members of the U.I. team traveled to Phoenix, Arizona for four days of non-stop learning and networking.  Program Managers, Josh Ellis and Andrew Feller, worked PCG’s booth and showcased one of PCG’s newest services: EdForce™.  This took place at the American Association of School Personnel Administrators (AASPA) 79th Annual "Reach for the Stars" Conference.

EdForce, primarily a staffing and recruiting service, is helping to solve the teacher shortage crisis by placing and training qualified talent into today’s classroom.  EdForce is a University of Phoenix preferred educational provider and enables school districts to place experienced teachers quickly, in key shortage areas, such as Mathematics, Science, SPED, and Foreign Languages 

“AASPA was a fantastic experience. It was interesting to hear how districts across the country are dealing with teaching shortages. EdForce is in a unique position to provide these districts with a real and sustainable solution. The AASPA Conference is a great opportunity to showcase our service,” stated Andrew.

Up close photo of EdForce booth

Cactus sighting in Arizona