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Do you know about the Virginia Early Intervention Reading Initiative (EIRI)?  The Virginia EIRI’s goal is to serve students in grades K-3 by helping reduce reading difficulties through early diagnosis and immediate intervention.  The initiative assists distri...

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July Instructor Spotlight

Working as an instructor for the Target 2021 program in Atlanta Public Schools (APS), Bronze Law began with PCG-UI in the fall of 2016.  Since then, he has worked with students at Forrest Hill Academy and Carver High School, part of APS, and Turner Middle School, Stewart Middle School, and Chestnut Log Middle School, part of Douglas County School District.  He has assisted students, grades 9-12, in multiple subjects through PCG-UI’s TutorEd Daytime Interventions, as well as afterschool tutorials.


Bronze believes some of the most important concepts students should learn in the classroom are critical thinking and awareness of the environment, self, and others.  Bronze wants the school community to see him as genuine, reliable, and most of all, consistent.  He has been told in the past that his combination of accountability and empathy allows him to reach some of the toughest students.

Upon graduation from The University of West Georgia, Bronze Law spent many years working in sales and running his own businesses.  He then decided to listen to his mother’s suggestion of becoming an educator.  Hearing about PCG-UI from a former client, he decided that teaching may be his calling and reached out to PCG-UI to become a tutor.

His experience as a Lead Instructor for PCG-UI has been tremendously rewarding.  He likes the flexibility to be able to reach several students across the school system without being confined to one particular space.  He also enjoys the feeling of knowing that the students and faculty value his presence and take him and his position seriously.  Bronze notes that everyone he encounters recognizes how much he cares about the students and community.

“I interact with many students on a weekly basis and take pride in remembering students’ faces and names.  I realized I was making an impact on students when they began recognizing me on the weekends in various parts of the city.  They would shout my name from across the street or see me at their summer job and the smile on their face lets me know they value me the way I value them!” Bronze states.





                Always striving to teach students to think critically before saying “I can’t do it” or “I don’t know,” Bronze wants all students to develop a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset.  He claims when students can think and process information without pressures, he notices positive results.  Bronze is a very flexible teacher in terms of how each student processes information and he notes the importance of observing how students learn. “The content remains the same, but the approach is what allows the information to resonate with each individual student,” he says.

                Program Coordinator, Melissa McMillan, has nothing but great things to say about Bronze.  Melissa states that as a Lead Instructor, Bronze is very dependable and dedicated to the education sector.  “He is pretty much my right-hand man. He is very supportive and is a great self-starter. He's also humble and coachable which makes him invaluable to me and the instructors.”

                PCG-UI would like to thank Bronze Law for his dedication to students.  We appreciate his consistency, hard work and support.

Article written by Summer Tarpley.