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December Instructor Spotlight

UI - PCG Education's EdForce team is currently working with school districts nationwide, recruiting students and alumni for immediate placement of qualified candidates that are interested in the teaching profession.  Twenty-three-year-old, Trey Spindle, was placed as a first-year teacher at Richmond Public Schools (RPS), in Richmond, VA, teaching Algebra I at George Wythe High School.  As a recent graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University, with a degree in Statistics, he says he wants to serve as a positive role model for the students he’s teaching in grades nine through twelve.


Happy with his choice to become a teacher, Trey states, “I decided to join with EdForce because I knew they would get me placement into a school where I could share my love of mathematics with others."


Each new teacher receives a coach with many years of K-12 experience to provide guidance, instructional coaching, feedback, and support in the teacher’s first school year.  Trey’s instructional coach, Mr. Larry Marks, has forty years of distinguished service in the private and public education sectors and specializes in general education and classroom observation.  Larry was a great fit with Trey because since retiring as an educator in 2015, he has served as an interim principal for RPS at Huguenot High School, Henderson Middle School, and the Richmond Technical center, bringing tons of experience to his mentees.  


As his mentor and instructional coach, Larry says he could not be prouder of Trey.


"Mr. Spindle is doing an awesome job providing students with meaningful and relevant instruction and uses assessment data to plan instruction.  In the near future, I foresee him being recognized with the title of 'Outstanding New Math Teachers' at RPS."

Trey Spindle


Larry has provided him with instructional support and many resources, such as the VA Standards for the Professional Practice of Teachers, algebra I curriculum framework with objectives, and the algebra I test blueprint.  He offers suggestions for instructional strategies and classroom management, provides weekly check-in calls, and bi-weekly observations with feedback, which have assisted Trey in experiencing success with students and in the classroom.  


Trey has found Larry's assistance useful and says he appreciates his mentorship.


“The thing about being with EdForce is I know I always have someone in my corner.  I know that my mentor will always be there to provide advice or even just listen to what I have to say.”


During Larry's observations of Trey's classes and while communicating with him, he has observed Trey's demonstrated knowledge of algebra I content and notices his effective strategies to assess student learning.  His lesson plans consistently reflect the alignment of lesson objectives to Virginia’s algebra I curriculum and student learning needs.


Trey uses a variety of assessments to check for student understanding of the essential knowledge, skills, and processes.  He likes to differentiate his teaching between direct instruction, one on one instruction, group work, and informal assessments.  He creates an active student involvement by also using learning centers, cooperative learning and pairing, and student presentations.  During his lessons, Trey uses a variety of learning resources, such as SMART Board, technology, and Dynamic Classroom, an online interactive presentation tool to present and demonstrate how to find algebraic terms.  His instructional delivery helps increase learning opportunities for all students.

Larry observes that his classroom is always neat and organized in appearance and he has the Standards of Learning objectives clearly posted for students to review prior to their lesson.  Larry also says Trey has created a classroom culture that is respectful and has positive student-teacher relationships, so students can feel comfortable sharing ideas, questions, concerns or their needs.  


“What I have enjoyed most is that I can have fun with my students,” says Trey.  “I love teaching students and I think that is apparent in my classroom. I am always smiling and positive, in the hope that will rub off on my students.  Regardless of what happens during the rest of their day, they can get through it with a smile.  They are able to learn anything, if they put their minds to it.”


We appreciate Trey Spindle’s hard work with his students at RPS, and Larry Marks’s guidance as an instructional coach.  We look forward to hearing about Trey’s good works at RPS and wish him the best of luck.


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