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Spotlight: Deanna Rogers and the Target 2021 Program

For over three years, University Instructors Inc., a Public Consulting Group company (UI-PCG) has been proud to partner with Atlanta Public Schools (APS) to support the Target 2021 program by providing tutors and instructors during the school day for students.  Leading the program is Remediation & Support Coordinator, Ms. Deanna Rogers, who has been part of the APS team for five years.  On a daily basis, the UI team works collaboratively with Deanna to ensure everyone is working together to meet the needs of students.

“Our team has enjoyed the privilege of working with APS students, in partnership with Deanna Rogers, and on behalf of the APS learning community,” says UI-PCG Educational Consultant, Irene Bailey. “Our support of the Target 2021 program has been very rewarding, and a unique experience for all involved.” 

Deanna is primarily responsible for ensuring that APS students potentially impacted by the CRCT anomalies receive the appropriate supports to make sure that they are on track for graduation. Her goals are to improve academic performance, increase the reading levels and graduation rates of students, and grow the overall attendance rate.

“The role carries a lot of responsibility as we cannot fail our students,” says Deanna.  “We owe it to them to ensure they get nothing but the best so that they graduate college and career ready.”

Deanna realized she wanted to be a teacher while in kindergarten, growing up in Columbia, Maryland.  She discovered her love for teaching and decided the classroom is where she wanted to be for the rest of her life.

In 1989, she moved to Georgia to attend Spelman College, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Child Development.  Directly after graduation, at the age of twenty-two, she decided to exponentially further her education by earning a Master of Arts degree from Teachers College, Columbia University in Curriculum and Teaching, a Leadership Certificate from the University of Georgia, and lastly, an Educational Specialist degree from North Georgia College and State University in Teacher Leadership.  

Prior to arriving at APS, Deanna served as a ten-year teacher, five-year Curriculum Support Teacher, and a five-year Assistant Principal, all in the state of Georgia.  She especially enjoys working with APS high school students and supporting staff in guaranteeing her team meets their goals of improving academic performance and attendance for Target 2021 students.  She believes the most rewarding part of her job is hearing the student success stories and watching their lives have a positive impact by the supports that the program has to offer through APS’s various partners, including Communities in Schools of Atlanta, UI-PCG and Princeton Review.

“Through our partnerships with Communities in Schools of Atlanta and UI-PCG, we are able to provide varying supports for our students and families,” Deanna states.  “Through UI-PCG, we provide academic support to our students through tutorial services in four content areas (Math, ELA, Science and Social Studies) both during the school day and during afterschool and summer.  My experience working with UI-PCG has been professionally rewarding as it has challenged me as a leader to work hard at improving the educational outcomes of our students.”

  The Target 2021 team hosts many events for parents and students throughout the school year, such as an annual family mixer in August/September, three parent summits designed to inform about the services, resources and strategies available, and an end-of-year awards night.  The team also hosts an app, newsletter, twitter, and website.  In addition, every Target 2021 student is provided 24/7 online access to a tutor through and SAT/ACT classes on Saturdays and over the summer.

  Deanna stresses that the most important goal of the Target 2021 program is to improve the academic performance and attendance of APS students.  The biggest accomplishment of the program this year has been increasing parental participation at parent events and the overall graduation rate.  The SY 18 graduation rate of Target 2021 students exceeds the state and district at 91.6%, which is part of what Deanna enjoys most about working in K-12 education.  She loves the lasting impact that her work has on improving the educational outcomes for APS students.

  The UI-PCG team would like to thank Deanna and the entire Remediation & Support team for this long-lasting partnership.  “Deanna Rogers has shown her commitment to both the program and students via diligent attention to details, and a call to action to all stakeholders in order to ensure that APS students participating in the Target 2021 receive the very best services possible on a daily basis,” states Irene.


Article written by Summer Tarpley. 

I moved to Georgia to attend Spelman College at 18 years old in 1989