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Do you know about the Virginia Early Intervention Reading Initiative (EIRI)?  The Virginia EIRI’s goal is to serve students in grades K-3 by helping reduce reading difficulties through early diagnosis and immediate intervention.  The initiative assists distri...

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UI Collaborates with the ShareSpace Foundation

Late last month UI had an out of this world experience meeting with the ShareSpace Education team, part of the Aldrin Family Foundation.  Jim Christensen, Executive Director of the ShareSpace Foundation and former Education Director of Kennedy Space Center, provided a demonstration with the 25’ x 25’ Giant Moon Map, complete with available STEAM lessons for guiding inquiry and critical thinking.

The ShareSpace Foundation in conjunction with the Aldrin Family Foundation is ready to create the next generation of space leaders and explorers.  Foundation leaders believe that the first human to walk on Mars is actually in the third grade right now!  Together, EPIC programming and the features of the Giant Maps are a great fit for promoting STEAM education and real world learning.

UI President, Jim Popp, spoke with excitement on this mission as he wondered, “How great would it be if a current 3rd or 4th grade student who attended an EPIC camp is the first human to walk on Mars?”

With the help of the Aldrin Family Foundation and the ShareSpace Foundation, UI’s goal is to help inspire the next generation of space leaders and spark the imagination of today’s youth with this EPIC collaboration.