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Lesley Rueb: What is Your Why?

Director of Partnerships, Lesley Rueb, has always loved school and education, inevitably inspiring her into a career in the K-12 sector.  As a young girl living in Canada, she remembers working hard to quickly earn all her Girl Scout badges and after high school fast-tracked to complete four college degrees in six years.  She is proud to say she was the only student to earn a degree in Behavioral Neuroscience at Dalhousie University, and the university offered her a full-time position procuring funding for the department upon graduation.  She additionally founded the Dalhousie Undergraduate Neuroscience Society at Dalhousie University in 1993, still in existence today, and received a second degree in Cognitive Development from Laurentian University.

After succeeding in an essay competition sponsored by the University of Texas to encourage girls to explore science, technology, engineering and math fields, the Girl Scouts offered to help her move to Houston, Texas and supported her application for immigration to the United States.  She made the transition from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Houston and for twelve years was the Director of Innovation Services.  This position led Lesley to become fully involved in K-12 education, as she created new programs to encourage girls to thrive in a global society.  Some of her projects included helping youth travel and experience life abroad, creating programs for girls with one or more incarcerated parents, procuring funding in support of capital campaigns, and generating a partnership with NASA.

Lesley enjoys collaborating with diverse individuals from all walks of life, as she consistently learns of better and more efficient ways to complete various tasks.  She's an asset to the University Instructors (UI) team with extensive knowledge in federal funding regulations, compliance reporting, researching skills, fund development, and project evaluation proficiency.  She enjoys using her skills to bring programs and projects to life in an effective manner and her unique experiences are a benefit to all students that she has the honor to influence.



"I was attracted to the notion of moving to the U.S., not only to be part of a movement, but because of the increasingly importance to do my part in ensuring that youth of all ages, demographics, and socioeconomic status, have access to enjoyable and engaging activities to learn and grow after school and during the summer," says Lesley. "I am pleased that the same philosophy is emphasized in the proposals that I continue to write today with UI."

Being involved in extra-curriculum activities, such as her experience with the Girl Scouts, was an aspect of life that was highly emphasized living in Canada, and she strongly believes these activities play an important role in exposing young people to new interests, clubs, and hobbies.  Her goal is to help students be part of an afterschool program or summer camp, as many of these new interests can develop during an out-of-school experience.  It is exceedingly important to help give individuals the best chance at surviving and flourishing in different environments.

"There is comfort in knowing that we can make an impression on young people and show them that there are options and opportunities out there if you look for them and give it your best effort."

Her favorite part of working with UI is the focused, concerted effort to help disadvantaged populations, not only in the day-to-day responsibilities that each team member has but through volunteering with PCG Cares and other initiatives.   She recognizes the immeasurable need for the students UI has designed services for and is grateful to be with a company that can make a real difference.